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May 28, 2005

Slugs in the night

Last night, after dark, I went outside to the enclosure to find Mattie, the spiny tortoise, to bring inside the house. Usually she is brought in before dark but last night I was out walking so didn't get to it before I went to the park.While searching for her I came across remains of Frankie's, the sulcata, corn and cabbage snack. Feasting late at night was about twenty big slugs, large sized up to two inches in length. I don't come across this size slugs very often as they are elusive and hide well during the day but there they were in a large group. They were too hard to resist! I woke up Mama turtle (three toed box) to have a slug fest. She was a bit irritated being waken up but once she caught sight of these large slugs, the late hour became un-important. She ate about twelve of the largest. She would have eaten more but I was wanting to get back inside the house.

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