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August 14, 2013

The Slide Rule

Frankie does what Frankie wants in Frankie's yard.  Frankie saw a big plastic lid in his yard so Frankie decided it was a slide.  Frankie's yard, Frankie's rules.

It's really hard to image what a sulcata tortoise playing on a slide would look like. When I shared how Frankie used a plastic lid for a slide people wanted to see for themselves.

So I posted this picture of Frankie on a slide
Frankie on his slide
But it's the video everyone really wants to see.  Right?  Because seeing Frankie playing slide on a plastic lid that would be something.

Here it is.  Frankie on his slide.  Maybe it should be called a treadmill. Frankie is about five years old.  Heavy metal rock seemed appropriate.

Problems seeing video?  Go directly to You Tube Click to see video on You Tube
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  1. Frankie, you are a world class slider. How elegantly you swing your hips, moving up and down is simply phenomenal.

  2. Little Dude's MaAugust 15, 2013

    Man, Frankie! You were determined to get to the other side!!

  3. I love going back to older posts. Frankie has really grown! I wonder if he would still enjoy his slide?