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August 26, 2013

Reason For Privacy Fence

Julie Maguire of Turtle Rescue of Long Island sent Frankie a green turtle umbrella stand. When I brought it to Frankie's yard for his use he had been ramming his Dogloo into the wall all afternoon. I figured the green turtle umbrella stand would be a good distraction.

Frankie knew what to do instantly. He's been at it for 45 minutes.

I guess Frankie likes it.  

Sorry Umbrella Thurman and Steel Stella.  You've both been replaced.

Don't forget to stop for some grazing, Frankie.  

Okay.  Fifty minutes.  Still at it. 

Your bed time is at 5:30 pm, Frankie.  No you can't take the turtle umbrella stand into your cave for the night. It'll be there in the yard when you wake up in the morning.

Just looked in the backyard again.  He is still at it.

One hour.  No sign of slowing down.  It's getting a little embarrassing.

Really, really glad Frankie's yard has a privacy fence. 


  1. You should post a video. I love the sounds tjey make. Frankie u might want to take a break don't want to her to get spoiled.

  2. Little Dude's MaAugust 27, 2013

    LOL!! I was wondering what that thing was!! OH! A turtle shaped umbrella stand!! How perfect for Frankie!!! You really should make a video! We can put some sexy background music to it hahas!

  3. Frankie is a lady He changes his GFs in a matter of days. Once a better looking one comes along, the old one is forgotten and neglected. Imagine Frankie, all these heart broken umbrella stands that you dispose like