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March 21, 2013



What are you waking me up for?  I don't want to wake up.  Ten o'clock is too early to wake up.

If you want me up then you're gonna have to pull me out of my newspaper.

Fine.  See if I care if you take away my newspaper.  You're mean!

No I don't want to go outside.  You can't make me go outside.  I am gonna sit right here all day long and not move....except to poop.  Then I will sit here on my poop all day because you made me get up.

I'm not gonna walk outside.  I am happy to sit here inside the gecko room until summer get's here.

No way are you talking me into leaving the gecko room.  You go right ahead and cluck and whistle and offer carrots. I am not going outside.

Go ahead and push me outside cause I am not walking on my own.

Good luck putting me on that cart. It will be the last time you ever lift anything over 10 pounds.  Your gonna be set up in bed for a week.

Oh, right, drag me outside.  I'm gonna tell everyone how mean you are.  You are so cruel.  There is just no reason to drag me outside when I am perfectly happy inside.

Fine.  I'll sit here in the sun but I am not going into the back yard.  This is as far as I go.  I don't need to go in the backyard.  You can't make me go.

Oh, right, get dad to trick me into walking into the backyard.  Unfair to bring outsiders into this situation.

Lock the gate behind me!  You're gonna have to because if you left it open I would just turn around and come back inside.

I am going inside.  As soon as the gate opens.

Fine! I'm going over here by the fence and wait for that gate to open.

What? It's time for bed?  But I need my sun time. Can't I just sit out here for a few more minutes.  What if I just sleep out here.  It's so nice.

Hey! It's cold out here!  Someone let me inside right now!

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  1. LOL! I am getting scared now after reading Frankie's interesting blog! I have a Sulcata that's almost 2 years old. So far it's been lots of fun taking care of her (at least I think it's a girl!). she is living in a blocked off section of our living room with a large bird enclosure and a 55 gallon tank of RES turtles,and a 10 gal tank with a baby box turtle also in the section. She usually just gets under her basking light for a couple hours in morning and then eats and then tucks away in a corner till next morning. It's starting to get nice weather here in Tx so I'm starting to put her in our uncovered greenhouse on nice mornings and she trucks around in there and eats grass and dandelions till she gets tired. I saw you lost a box turtle recently and hope you find it soon! I love reading about Frankie!