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July 31, 2012

Year of the Ram

What's bugging Frankie?  Really?  What is up with him?

Maybe it's the heat?  He can't decide if he wants to sleep outside under a tree or under a bush, on the side of the yard, in his cave or half in his cave and half out his cave.  This evening he had his front end hanging out of his cave with his front feed dangling in mid air.

Looks peaceful enough.

He wasn't that way all day.

I heard a huge thump this afternoon.  Ran outside to find Frankie upside down under the porch.

What the...?

This was the second time this week.  I just can't have Frankie turning himself upside down all the time.

Maybe he was after the umbrilla stand that's sitting on top of the cinder block.
I took the umbrilla stand off off cinder block and put it on the ground.

Frankie promptly rammed the umbrilla stand four times.  Then Frankie mounted the umbrilla stand and..well....he humped it.

After Frankie had his way with the umbrella stand he headed out from under the patio.  On his way out he came upon the lawn chair innocently sitting adjacent to the patio.  It's my nice green patio chair that I sit on when I am visiting Frankie.

Lucky for me I am not sitting in my lawn chair.

For some reason that the lawn chair offended Frankie and he decided that it must be rammed.  And so the lawn chair was laid over on it's side by the 100 pound Frankie sulcata.  Maybe it just looks better that way.

Frankie then proceeded to check if the yard gate was open.  He knows the gate swings open for lawnmowers and me and various other items.  Frankie knows that sometimes the gate opens for him. The gate is not open.  I have no intention of opening the gate.

Frankie decided to ram the gate open.  At 100 pounds, a sulcata can open a gate.

A few days ago, I heard a knock on my front door.  It was one of the kids down the street.  He wanted me to know that Frankie was taking a walk, again, alone.

On Wednesday, August 1st, Frankie will wake up and he will be 11 years old.

And a solid 100 pounds of solid sulcata ramming power.

I've placed a wood fence in front of the gate.  And a lock.  Hopefully it will hold.

I am going to have to disagree with the Chinese calendar that says this is the year of the Dragon.

This is Frankie's year of the Ram.

Happy 11th Birthday, Frankie!


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday, Frankie! Sorry I missed your special day. Sounds like you're on the RAM-page these days. Be nice to your human! If you really need to RAM her chair, give her plenty of time to scRAM!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Frankie!!

    I think you're just telling your Mom that you want to go to the fair and ride the bumper cars ;)

  3. Rammin, humpin, and a walk around the block...
    Some days are just better than others!!

  4. Great post, Leann. Hope Frankie has a RAM-a-DAM-a-ding-dong day!

  5. Happy birthday Frankie! You are an inspiration. My daughter and I have a one yr old and a two yr old sulcata. Our days are filled with searching out our little guys! Our are awesome. May you lead a long and happy life.