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July 23, 2012

And then there were a thousand

Just popped in this morning to check Frankie Tortoise Tails and was greeted with 10,005 page views...that would be unique visitors to Frankie Tortoise Tails. 

Frankie's old blog location at, which started in May 2005, hit 5,000 visitors in October 31, 2008.  Still the number ticks forward and today runs past 62,000 hits. 

What that says about Frankie Tortoise Tails?  Due to a huge ego this morning, I don't think I can be objective.  Whooooooo hooooooo!

There has been dry spells with few posts.  Some may even say I hit a low note in my cry-fit over the loss of Frankie's participation over Do Dah Day Pet Parade.  I've been real with myself and my feelings, I've let loose how I feel.  So I did when mom died.  To thine own self be true.  I've been sincere about my joy and love for everything Frankie.

Frankie Tortoise Tails is commercial free and advertisement free with the exception of recommended items at Amazon which to this point no one has bought through me. Isn't it refreshing to go somewhere and not be inundated with commercial, ads, videos, pop-ups, or overlays that show up on your screen/video. 

I don't profit from Frankie.  Never will.  Even if I get off my duff and publish Frankie Tortoise Tails as a book I will not make a fortune.  I have a small personal income that keeps me fed and warm.  I don't need to be rich.  I've been very poor before so I appreciate what I have and share when I can.

My riches are simple:  Greg, our families, geckos, a cat, turtles, a garden, a house that is in a purpetual state of need-to-be-cleaned, a large yard and Frankie.  Frankie is a reward all by himself.

Frankie's birthday is on August 1.  He will be 11 years old, over 100 pounds and a complete back yard terror.  

It's a pleasure to share him with you all. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Leann everything you have.
    It's our pleasure! ...and Frankie Tails is way Real.
    But it might be you are his backyard terror, lol, as well as his most loved human ever. Frankie is doing a great job on this planet with you, as you too with him.
    You're both exciting to read about!

  2. Happy almost birthday, Frankie!! I love to hear your tales! Have fun roaming around your mom's yard :)