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July 7, 2011

Mom is so mad at me!

I am so mad at Frankie.  
I had to go out of town for the weekend.
  Mom just left on vacation!
We've had so much rain in the last week that the grass in Frankie's yard was getting out of hand.  Before I left for Wisconsin, I asked Frankie for a very simple favor:  mow your yard.
  Mom asked me to mow the yard.
He had four whole days and besides, it's not like Frankie has anything else to do. His day consist of sleeping in until 10:00 a.m., walking around the yard, grazing, sleeping in the shade, grazing and turning in for his beauty sleep at 4:00 p.m.
  It's not like I don't have other things to do.  I am a very busy sulcata.
Frankie endured weeks of no rain, above average temperatures and dry grass.  He hid under the bushes to escape the heat and only came out late in the evening.  But the rain finely returned and the grass in his yard grew taller and taller.
  Finely! Grass in the yard.
Sure, there was a lot of grass but I really didn't think Frankie would need any help. How difficult could it be?
   I could have used some help.
Frankie should be than happy to spend a few extra hours each day mowing down fresh green grass.  The weekend weather was perfect:  warm, cloudy, moist!
  There is only so much I can do between basking and walking and looking for cat poop.
After eating dry grass for weeks, I thought he would be starved!  There was plenty to eat in the yard. 
   I was stuffed.
When I got back, the yard was not mowed.
  I was so glad when mom got home.
Was it asking too much to expect him to keep up the yard?
  Bet she missed me.
So I had to go out and mow the yard myself. 
  She even came outside and helped me finish mowing the yard.  
I've learned my lesson.  I'm not going to ask Frankie to do any more chores.
  I can't wait to see what she asks me to do next time she goes on vacation.   


  1. Well, Frankie, did you tell Mom you were rationing that beautiful grass just in case it didn't rain again for a while? How you'd been worried while you were eatting all of the dry grass that no more would come up? And then the grass just kept growing like mad while she was gone and you were getting further behind? I sure hope you thanked her for helping you - maybe by eatting every bit of your carrot, or being helpful and walking in the grass that was still too long?

    We're sure you're forgiven by now. After all , how long can a Mom stay made at a big hunk like you?
    Love, Andi
    PS: My Mom has been letting my little brothers Joey and Bolt out to help me with my lawn duties. They sure don't get much accomplished. They would much rather explore than graze, and Mom has to keep bringing them back. I, on the other hand, know my territory, and get right down to business, evenn if it takes me a while to decide to come out!

  2. are so lucky to have green grass! Down here in Texas we are in a bad...bad drought. They say the worst in 100 years! My Mom has sprinklers on timers in all the tortoise pens. I love the baths every day! We have mud pits to stay cool too. I love digging in the dirt making pits. Hope your Mom gets over being mad...
    Love Mira in Texas

  3. this is so hilarious! the two personalities are so perfectly done.
    maybe the mini tortoise sized solar operated pull-behind-mower needs to be invented.