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December 28, 2008

Heavenly Day

Among some mighty cold days we were blessed yesterday with temperatures at 70ºF and bright sunny skies. For a sulcata tortoise with cabin fever it was a relief beyond all belief.

Frankie got outside very early which for him is 9:00 am. He was in heaven walking everywhere in his yard, through the leaves, around all the bushes, and through the trees. He grazed as he walked not once forgetting that walking was the priority.

I spent some time outside with him walking the perimeter of the yard and checking for hazards like pop bottles and trash that sometimes ends up in our yard. The yard was clear of any problems so I could rest easy that Frankie would not be getting into any trouble.

Finally at 3:00 pm I figured it was time to get Frankie inside. He was a little reluctant but there were more shadows in the yard then sun so he didn't resist too much. However once inside the warm gecko room he did all the sulcata business he didn't have time for when he was outside. So I had poop and pee to clean up.

Around 5:00 pm, just before all the gecko lights go out, I went down stairs to water the geckos. Frankie was at the door begging to go outside. There is no sun outside at 5:00 pm but Frankie didn't know this. He butted his head against the door until I just figured he needed to see for himself. He walked outside, discovered it was dark, grazed for about 45 seconds, turn around, came back into the gecko room and went straight for bed.

It is hard to convince a sulcata tortoise that one heavenly day has come to an end.

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