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October 18, 2008

A Little Trim

Frankie got a beak trim this morning. It was a major task. I use an electrician's flush micro sheer cutter. They are sharp, very small and can trim a little at a time. Frankie does not like getting trimmed so a little at a time is best I can do.
I let him look and smell the trimmer first. Then I touched his legs and then parts of his head. He resisted but eventually I could touch his beak. If I try to cut portions like on would cut carrots then I would be unsuccessful. I cut very small bits at a time, more like an artist at work. After lots of cuts I make some progress.

Frankie does his best to move away from me and I have to scoot along with him. There is no way to keep him from moving. At one point I am laying on my side, face to face with Frankie. Then I feel something wet on my legs and feet. Frankie has peed all over the floor and all over me. I will definitely need a shower after this! But, after 30 minutes, Frankie has a nicely trimmed beak.

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