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October 2, 2008

Little problem makers

We have a cold front coming through so its time to think about insulting Frankie's current outdoor house. I think for now I am going to put up bubble radiant insulation on the top and front panel. That should do well until late November.

But something needed to be done this morning about the growing cockroach problem in Frankie outdoor house. The large outdoor cockroaches have earnestly moved in with Frankie. When I check him at night there may be six or eight on the floor and a few more crawling up the sides. There is no evidence that they do anything to bother him. They simply like to eat his poop (eeegads!), and enjoy the heat and humidity.

But they do bother me. When I clean out his poop I will uncover several and they scatter around seeking a haven. Of course, I do the eeeeewwww-cockroach-dance (oh you know it!) and try to decide if I should attempt squishing them or clear out.

So the risk of ridding the house of them. Pesticides are very risky. They could hurt Frankie. I have chosen to clean out his house (must have been 60 roaches hiding in crevices) and put down a cockroach bate. For the next couple of nights I will have Frankie sleep inside. After a couple days pass I will soap down his enclosure. Hopefully that will have an impact on those little critters from hell.

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