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September 3, 2008

Noisy Yard

Frankie has really been enjoying the last few days. We've had nice temperatures in the mid 80's and mostly cloudy - I would say Frankie really likes this combination. He gets to move around the yard a lot without overheating in the sun and can graze in the open too. No rain but we had plenty last week so the yard is green.

Greg went out and cut the grass so it looks good in Frankie's yard. I don't think he minds the cut grass even if the mower is loud. He can still graze without getting tall grass poking him all the time.

Our roof was damaged in sheer winds a month or so ago and today we finally got someone out here to fix it. Of course the roofers got a big kick out of Frankie. However, I don't think Frankie thought much of the hammering and noise created by the roofers. Frankie went to bed real early around 3:00 which is more like winter hours instead of summer hours.

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