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September 13, 2008

Beatin' Around Home

The problems with the blog have intimidated me a bit keeping me from blogging. I lost one blog entry (probably my error but things were strange) so was discouraged. But try, try, try again.

Frankie has been a perfect gentleman. I do think I am not paying enough attention to him since I started rehabbing a fledgling bird. But the bird is almost on its own so I won't have to worry so much about it. Of course, when I am digging in the dirt showing the young bird how to find bugs and worms in the ground, Frankie has to investigate. The bird flies off and I have nothing to do but rub Frankie's back. He is beginning to like that kind of attention.

Pumpkin, the year old box turtle needs a new home. I just have not had much success getting it done. I guess I can think about getting a table at the Dixie Reptile Show. I can bring him and some geckos. Problem is that I really want to be sure Pumpkin goes to the right home. I don't want someone to make an impulse buy and Pumpkin live a life of misery. Which, since he is getting bigger, he needs somewhere bigger to live.

Pumpkin is too small to live outside but quickly outgrowing his rubber tub (long tub with short sides). Again, he needs a new home either with me or someone else.

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