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April 20, 2008

Ode to Go

Sulcata seem to be eager about sharing their "natural functions" when visiting schools and groups. I usually show up carrying a basket of towels and cleaning agents just for these "accidents." But its my techniques to prevent Frankie accidents when he visits groups that my friends rave about.

Just recently I put together "2+2" that a female turtle equals Frankie faucet (i.e., if Frankie gets around a female turtle, he nearly always pees). So before taking Frankie to the church the other day, I put the full prevention plan to work.

First, I put Frankie on his heated pig blanket in the morning which almost always gets the poop machine going. Then I brought out one of my female box turtles for Frankie to sniff. When Brown Eyes was set in front of him for a few minutes Frankie peed. So, before Frankie was packed into the car for the trip to the church, he had done both "business" for the day. At the church there was no "funny business".

All this got rave reviews from sulcata friends who know all too well about generous sulcata outputs during outings. I mentioned that if I could bottle that female turtle smell then I would not have to expose the poor female box turtle to horny Frankie. Phoebe, on of my friend sulcata owners, thought I should call the bottled scent "Ode to Go". Priceless!

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