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April 18, 2008

Frankie goes to church

Frankie had a special day visiting Huffman United Methodist Church Day Care Center. Frankie was so very well behaved. We expected initially to see about twelve children for about thirty minutes. But who can resist Frankie. I think he saw the entire school (except babies) and was there for forty five minutes. We were in the center court yard which made management of Frankie the Walking Fool in one area. Left to his own mind, he would have walked down the street to the next county. He is just like that.

At the school he just walked and walked and walked and walked. One endless walk all over the courtyard. Children simply gathered in areas and Frankie would walk by them. Students touched his shell and some got to feed him dandelions and carrots (the only time Frankie wasn't walking)

We took a picture of him. Of course, he didn't sit still for the photo. We had the children in a group and then got Frankie to walk in front of them. The photographer got to be on the ball to get Frankie's picture.

When we got back home, Frankie was ready to take a long walk in the neighborhood. I was exhausted. He went into the yard. I could really use a nap - but the day is early and I may still get one in.

Special mention and thanks to Kim Rafferty for the invitation.

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