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May 21, 2006

Frankie's week

Frankie had a wonderful week. Thursday he went to the Leeds Elementary School for Career Day - he was an example of reptiles kept by a Herptoculturist. We got to the school at 11:30 am, went to the library, took Frankie out of his tub and let me start to walk. Frankie walked around the library the whole entire time that we were there - until 2:30 pm. He loved all the obstacles: under tables, around chairs, down one aisle and up another isle, under displays, and finally, around all the students that attended my talk. Frankie did not stop for a second. The students loved him.

On Saturday, Frankie went to Do Dah Day. Do Dah Day is a long standing Birmingham festival celebrating pets and a fundraiser for local animal organizations. The event starts with a parade. I figured that Frankie, being such a walking fool, would do very well. People really loved him. He started at the very front of the parade, and of course, by the time we got to the end of the parade route, Frankie was at the very end of the parade. Frankie got a bit hot and tired and really didn't want to finish the parade but we took a wagon and Frankie treats so he could ride for a while. On the cart we gave him corn on the cob, his favorite snack, to keep him quite.

Frankie had great fun and lots of exercise.

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