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March 8, 2006

Missing Tortoise

I regret to say that Mattie, our Madagascar Spider Tortoise, is missing.

She went outside yesterday to sun and eat grass around 11:00 in the morning. At 3:00 in the afternoon, when I went to fetch her and Frankie, Mattie was not in her area.

Her area seemed secure but I found a depression under a fence where rain may have eroded an area that she could have gotten out. It is possible that dogs or a person found her and removed her although, while inside the house, I didn't hear any commotion (the neighbor's dogs go nuts if any stay dogs run around the neighborhood).

Greg came home early from work and we search for her until dark. Found nothing. This morning I searched the garage in the unlikely even that she leapt from top of her brick wall and crawled into the garage (we are thinking of any possibility). I have made up "lost" posters and will begin canvassing the neighborhood in hope that more eyes may spot her somewhere.

Last year this time, Frankie was lost and on day two we got a call due to our "Lost & Reward" posters. He was found miles away where a good Samaritan thought such a big turtle (sulcata) need to live near a big pond.

Mattie is so much smaller at 7 inches, but we are hopeful.

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