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March 9, 2006

Guess what the rain brought up!

No sign at all on Mattie's whereabouts since Tuesday. I spent most of today and yesterday putting out "Lost Turtle & Reward" signs all over the neighborhood, veterinarian offices in the area, school area bus stops, and the police station. The weather had been above 50 degrees each night that she was out, but tonight we were expecting big storms, temperature drops, winds and rain. That was good and bad news. If the storm forced Mattie out of hiding, then I figured that maybe I would find her. If I could not find her, that meant illness for sure. If the weather got too bad then I could not get out to look.

The storm was pretty bad -- 50 mph winds with heavy rains that only Alabama can produce. Electricity in the house went out at 6:00 p.m. Things got a little better at 7:00 or so, so I put on boots, a rain slicker and went out looking for her. In the last place I expected her - our backyard where she should not have gotten into -- she was standing out in the rain by the trees, in the open. She was so cold to the touch. I ran her inside to Greg, who was ecstatic, and he warmed her up in his hands.

She is back home in time for the first hibiscus flower of the season.

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