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June 29, 2019

Going Home

Hello, Frankie, how are you?
I am great!  This place…this place is fantastic!  Where is this?
This is where you’re meant to be.  We’ve been waiting for you.
Am I dead?
Your body was no longer needed.  Your spirit is forever free
Can I still have carrots and dandelions?
Of course! 
And Mom, is she here?
Someday, just not today.  Her spirit still has much to do.  We’ll wait for her, too.
Am I here because I was finished?
Pets are special.  Pets are animals who choose to help a human soul.  The human path is never easy.  Your human needed your help.
But now she is alone.
She is never alone. 
I love her so much. Can I still help? 
You can help.  Visit her dreams.  Whisper she is not alone. Be her comfort. 
I will.  I'll never leave her alone. I'll see her every night.  Thank you for waiting for me. Thank you for waiting for her.
We’re glad you’re here. Now, if you haven’t noticed, there are dandelions to eat, lawn chairs to push and fences to topple.  Go get ‘em, Frankie!
They will never know what hit them…..

Frankie died June 29, 2019 from Pneumonia or Lower Respiratory Infection.  We fought for 80 days, did all we possibility could, took him to the best veterinarians, tried various drugs, gladly spent the money, and much more to help him recover.

We'll miss his antics and his determined personality so much.

Thank you all his friends who delighted in his stories.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry! I have loved reading about Frankie and I will miss him too!

  2. I’m sorry to hear Frankie has left you, Leann. Thank you for sharing his wonderful personality over the years!

  3. Deep condolences to you and your family. I loved reading about Frankie's adventures from Parade marching, to Halloween costume winner to back yard rearranger. Your answers to my questions when we first got Elliot were do helpful. Hugs to you.

  4. I am sitting here crying, I can't believe Frankie is gone. My sincere condolences, this must be so hard for you. I can't even imagine your pain right now. RIP Frankie, I was lucky to meet you once and feed you a carrot. I hope you get many carrots in heaven.

  5. Oh my god, my heart sank when i read this followed him for so long hard to take in. Please be ok frankies mom

  6. My heart breaks for you. The same thing took the life of my beloved Scheherazade (the tortoise I wrote about in response to a Frankie antic. She's the one who rammed my Fiesta rose anniversary cup) shortly before her 13th birthday. I commend you on the beautiful tribute you wrote of Frankie's homecoming, and your devotion to him as his human mom.

  7. sorry to hear of your loss.

  8. Leann and Greg, My heart is broken for you. He will be missed by so many. I believe he was the most well know and loved tortoise in the US. I hope your hearts can heal with the memories you have of him. With Love and Hugs Kim & John Gibson

  9. Frankie I am so sad that you have left us, but I hope you are now living happily and have lots of carrots on the other side of the rainbow bridge! We will miss you Frankie!