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March 16, 2016

A Day In Frankie's Life (video)

Ever wonder what a day is like for Frankie?  What can a sulcata tortoise do all day?  The list isn't all that long:

Get some beauty sleep
Bask in the glory of sunlight till the shell hums with warmth
Walk everywhere
Drink as much water as you want
Check out the sky
Make sure the trees are in their place
Look for exotic foods
Get the daily carrot
Check out the humans
Inspect the yard for intruders and strange objects
Hump anything resembling another tortoise
Ram invaders
Inspect buildings and fences
Wait for a walk around the block..

Okay, so the list gets long once you observe Frankie and his shenanigans.  

Your turn to check our Frankie and his daily routine.....about four hours worth of Frankie business.

Video is three minutes and twelve seconds.  Enjoy!

 Comments are always welcome!


  1. How exciting. I could watch this as evening series Better than any program on TV.

  2. Great video Leann.....question, does Frankie do much digging? So far, our Bindi hasn't done much of that yet.....

    1. Frankie doesn't dig so long as his needs are met including shelter, security, and temperature regulation. When one of those fails he will start digging.

  3. Frankie eats his greens, drinks lots of water and spends his days exploring. He knows how to live life <3

  4. That looks a lot like what my darling Zola does all day. Thanks for the fun video!

  5. I like how he runs the perimeter patrol :) my Rocket is one year old and she does the same on her tortoise table :)

  6. Welcome back, Leann and Frankie! Love your tortoise tales!