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December 14, 2012

Nice things do happen

Just a reminder that sometimes nice things do happen. 

Not 10 minutes after hearing about the Connecticut school shooting, Frankie, Greta and I went to the local park to give Frankie some sun and graze time. 

I just didn't want to stop and dwell on the events of the day.  I knew that I would hear about it, non stop, for days.  It was just that kind of heart wrenching national tragedy. I felt it was best to move forward with plans to visit the park. 

I am not sure if anyone there knew what had happen.  I hadn't considered that people may feel uncomfortable around strangers. When we arrived at the park we were almost the only ones there.

Frankie is like a magnet.  People started showing up. 

A little girl at the park with her mom just had to meet Frankie.

Very quickly, an empty park fills with people.....gravitating toward the large tortoise.
Frankie dissolves barriers.  Frankie makes people smile.  Frankie's presence just makes the world seem a little nicer.

Thanks, Frankie, for making my life a little better.  And making the lives of people you meet a little better.


1 comment:

  1. Thank you Leann for sharing yourself and the enlightenment that you guys got at the park. Way nice, and it sure is apparent that this was one of those days that a few there will remember forever.... exactly the kind of thing we all need everyday, Good call!
    Pongs Farmer