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August 20, 2012

Enemy of the State

For several months now Frankie has been trying to dig under his enclosure....or so I thought.  Evidence of this is displaced dirt and a displaced white drain pipe.

This white drain pipe goes under Frankie's enclosure to a French drain on the higher side of his cave and it keeps rain from building up and seeping into his front door.

Regardless of the French drain, sometimes it rains so hard and so long that water rushes past the French drain and into the front of Frankie's enclsoure.

The white drain pipe has gone unnoticed and untouched by Frankie until just recently.
Unnoticed, a drain stands silent.
 Lately I can hear Frankie messing with the area by the drain and now I find that it is necessary to run down and tell Frankie to "Stop digging!"

He tore off the longer part of the white pipe and after numerous times replaceing it only to have him dig it back up I simply removed the pipe and only put in on when it's goning to rain.

And since this is day two of occasionally raining, yesterday I put the while pipe back so it could do it's job.

Until about an hour ago.

Bang.  Boom, Bang.  Crash.

Frankie's digging again and I head outside to see what's happen.

I arrive to this:

 Frankie has gotten under the white pipe and dislodged it from the buried pipe.

I yell at Frankie. 


And I take a couple more pictures.

Then I think, I'll try the nifty new movie feature on my camera.  While innocently filming my silly tortoise, the reason he is really over in the corner becomes all too apparent.

After my second, "Are you done?" and the filming is complete, Frankie ducks his head down and gives the old while pipe another Frankie lesson.

We are going to have to bury the pipe.

(If you could not see the video, please go to Click to see video on You Tube.  )


  1. Oh Frankie you never cease to amaze me in what you do. I <3 you and bless your keepers heart.

  2. Baaaaad tortie !