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June 1, 2012

What a Pain in the Back

That is it.  I am never going to pick Frankie up again.

Yes, I should have tried giving up picking Frankie when he was 45 pounds but instead I just started to get clever and invent ways to pick him up.

This morning I woke up with such a back ache that I would gladly have traded it in for a migraine headache.  Forget snuggling with hubby.  My back was so wrenched that I didn't even want to move so my back would be snuggled against Greg-the-living-heating-pad.  Oh I love to have my back against his toasty body.

I just couldn't move.  I grumbled.  "Don't touch me!  My back is in so much pain!"

Curses that my beloved sulcata is now tipping the scales near 100 pounds.

I ran into Dr Atlas, Frankie's veterinarian, last week.

"When is Frankie coming in for his yearly check-up"  (his office loves Frankie)

"Well, Dr. Atlas," I returned.  "As soon as I rent a Knuckle Boom Truck."

Go look it up, Knuckle Boom Truck. Articulating Crane. If you own a small sulcata you will want to start saving your $$ now.

Frankie's next trip to the veterinarian will involve a minimum of two people.  Two to load him into my Toyota Prius, two to unload him at the vet's office and the same two person to repeat this procedure in reverse.

Yea, amazingly, Frankie still fits into the Toyota Prius.

If he can get lifted into it.

A ramp.  Sure.  Got an hour to wait for Frankie to do a ramp.  Bring lots of carrots and that time could be reduced to a mere 30 minutes.

All I did yesterday was move him a little.  Off my toe.  When he nearly ran me down for a carrot.

If I had known then that the pain in my toe was trivial compared to the pain in my back today I probably would have ignored him.

Or thrown a carrot.

Always bring a spare carrot.

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  1. Nice post:) Knuckle boom trucks are very useful and protective. We can stand in the knuckle buckets and we will reach heights, it’s the safest among other cranes.