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March 26, 2012

I Spy

Frankie made a mess this morning....a HUGE mess.  And stinky.  I could smell the stink from the kitchen upstairs.  I didn't know which was worse, the cat box or the ripe Frankie smell rising up from his Dog-loo in the gecko room.  It's a must-do-real-soon clean up.

Yes, Frankie slept inside last night.  I had intentions of moving his Dog-loo from inside the gecko room to outside in Frankie's yard.  Weather is such that there is no reason for Frankie sleeping inside.

I am a sucker when it comes to Frankie.  I like to keep an eye on him.

Greg even picked up a new cameras so I can watch Frankie when ever I like.  He got us a two new digital cameras that can be placed wherever Frankie is and I can monitored him from anywhere I am in the house.

One of the new cameras is in the gecko room looking down right into Frankie's Dog-loo.  I can watch Frankie LIVE in his Dog-loo even at night as the camera has day and night optics.

The second camera is in Frankie's outdoor cave pointing into his sleeping area.  Now I can check on Frankie anytime I want when he is outside sleeping in his den.  No more running outside in my nighties to see if Frankie is okay.  No more rain, hail, tornadoes or hurricanes dogging to check Frankie.  I just look at the monitor.  Cool!

Even if there is no internet I can still check on Frankie.  The system's monitor picks up both cameras without a computer!  Since we have a generator I can still watch Frankie even if a storm knocks out all the electricity.

I feel a little like a peeping Tom.  A Frankie voyeur.  A sulcata spy.

Have I gone too far?

Frankie Fans don't get to watch him on his new cameras.  I had to draw the line somewhere.  I have a right to wear over-sized sweats, miss-matched clothes, old pajamas with holes, or just walk around naked without the fear of Internet embarrassment.

Frankie, on the other hand, always looks appropriate, adorable, viewable.....    When Frankie yawns it's cute.  When he is sitting in a pile of poop and pee, it's just not all that obvious.

As long as none of the cameras don't have scent detectors we are okay.  As long as the cameras are aimed at Frankie, it's okay with me.
Camera aims right at Dog-loo

Returning from the gecko room this morning, having cleaned the all the Frankie-poo-and-pee-soiled- newspaper mess from within the Dogloo, Greg said to me, "Nice butt."

What?  Then he pointed to the monitor that showed Frankie's Dog-loo.

I am not the only voyeur in the house.  Greg can watch me climb into the Dog-loo to clean out all the poop and pee. 

Some Frankie chores are not for public viewing.

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