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November 29, 2011

A Bit of Coordination

I am back inside the gecko room.  Again.  I don't know why I just can't stay outside.  Is it cold or something?  Might be.  Mom is wearing socks.
The gecko room's been moved around or something.  There are not so many areas for me to squeeze myself under or between.  The cricket containers are still on the floor for me to push around.  Steel Stella is here except she looks sorta odd turned up:  more like a bowl than a hump-able shell.  I will think about this and eventually figure it out.

Mom wakes me up with her "Good morning, Frankie!" song.  She's here in the morning to water the geckos and turn on my ceramic heater before returning up stairs.  I find my self humming that tune over and over all day. 

About the cat, Newt.  She comes downstairs anytime mom is here.  Get this:  Newt spends more time with me than chasing crickets or watching the geckos.  Newt likes to get in my box with me and sleep.  No kidding.  She doesn't even bother sleeping under the heat lamp.  She just curls up next to me and falls into one of those deep kitty sleeps that require her head to be tucked under her whole body.

I haven't tried to eat the cat.  She is just too nice.  And fluffy.

The gecko room is like a gym where I can train to get into shape.  It gives me a chance to work on my personal manuvers.  We sulcata have movement limitations due to our distinctly different front and back suspension system.  Sure we are capable all-terrain  travelers.  Forward walking is natural.  Nothing else is that easy.

My front feet are wider than the back end so turning in a tight area is tricky.  Backing up doesn't come natural:  it takes practice.  Neither does stepping up and down.

There is a shelf  so close to the floor that I can walk over it.  Mom is wise enough to keep it cleared off otherwise I just push everything off.   Still, it's not so easy getting all the feet to line up on the way up or down.  There is a wicked 90 degree turn on either side so I have to start my turn as soon as I step down.  Really tough stuff.

One tricky move is is the back-up turn.  This takes unbelievable coordination with all four feet: Back step on one foot, then hold it in one place to pivot.  One front foot steps out to the side and the other front foot steps in front of my face face.  I often smacked myself in the nose doing this one. 

I mentioned the cricket containers I get to move around.  Really want to get one up to ramming speed. 

Need to talk the management about the cuisine.  I make it a point to eat newspapers when the food gets too borning or I think mom is holding back on the good stuff.  You know, "where's the pumpkin!"

Being inside isn't all that bad.  Lots to do.  Geckos are good company.  Cat visits often.  Mom is always around.  Until I get to go outside again I'll keep busy looking for weak spots in the Gecko-Anti-Frankie-Wreck-Room.  If there is a weakness, I'll find it.

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  1. And when you do find that weakness, Frankie, we want to hear all about it!!