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October 19, 2011

The Good Life

Frankie woke up this morning to the first fall season, under 45 degrees F temps in his luxury outdoor enclosure.  His shelter passed the Frankie comfort challenge.

When I went to the kitchen this morning at 7:00 am, first thing I did was check the temperature gauge that is hooked inside his enclosure.  It read a balmy 78 degrees and it hadn't dropped lower than that all night.  

That Frankie is spoiled rotten.

Soon as I could get dressed, I hiked it outside.  Why did I think I could wear shorts and a t-shirt?  It's 47 degrees outside!  Too late.

I pull up the water proof fabric draped over his top.  That was added when I found that rain water would seep into his enclosure making it a wet poop zone.  Looking in the door, the cover worked.  Inside the shelter is nice and dry.

Unlatching the "inter-sanctum" I see Frankie sleeping snug inside atop a layer of hay. I touch his shell to see if he is warm.  Mmmmm, snuggy warm.  He is one lucky tortoise.

My visit doesn't even stir him a bit.  Frankie will sleep well past 9:00 this morning.  He will move around from the inter-sanctum to the door area.  Once he senses the cool, damp, overcast weather he will sit tight and do nothing all day.  

Well grazed and exercised from an all day romp yesterday, now tucked warm and cozy in his custom luxury enclosure, he is nothing but happy.  

I've got dishes, laundry, bills, pantry inventory and dinner planning ahead of me.  

Ah, shells and turtle toes!  Move over, Frankie!  I'm moving in!

1 comment:

  1. Pong's FarmerOctober 19, 2011

    ive always wanted to be a Tortoise too...except i think id miss my drums, although Ramming the Sounds out things might be pretty satisfying..but im definately not too sure about sleeping with all that poop! :)