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September 17, 2011

Leeds Folk Fesitval - Frankie Folk Tails

Frankie had a terrific time at the Leeds Folk Festival.  His attendance was completely dependent on good weather.  Saturday and Sunday was perfect!  Partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid 70's were great walking weather.  Frankie did not disappoint.

Greg dropped Frankie and I off so he was unable to be with us and take the regular photos I like to share here, but I had updated Frankie's Information Cards to include his blog address.  I invited as many people as I could to send copies of their digital photos of Frankie with their kids to me so I could post them here.

Well, several days have passed and no one has sent me any pictures.  Big Frankie Drat!

But still we had fun.  Frankie walked around all the art booths, the food vendors, the children's area, both sidewalks, the antique car show, and the farmer's market...times 10.

A nice vendor at the farmer's market gave Frankie one tomato on Saturday and Sunday.  People love to watch Frankie eat.  Frankie did not disappoint.

I made a point to lead Frankie away from any singers, dancers or performers so he wouldn't upstage them as he tends to do.

There was a group of Karate Kids who were there to do a demonstration.  Before they were to go on stage, they caught a glimpse of Frankie.

"...snatch the pebble from my hand"  But the karate kids are ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over Frankie.  Master is left standing with pebble in hand.  Sorry!  Eventually, Frankie is out of sight and the demonstration goes on.

I still hope that someone will send some photos for this blog. Send photos to

1 comment:

  1. the karate kids vs Frankie the Hun...haha!
    i liked the part where you get to go by all the booths again and again. because normally if you were just by yourself and kept doing that, ppl would would be alittle worried about you. lol