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June 7, 2007

Cute Pet Contest

It rained yesterday making all the turtles very happy. Me too.

Just came back from taking Frankie to PetSmart to enter the Cute Pet Contest. He always makes an impression. Many of the employees know him by name. Customers took photos with their camera phones. Some people remember him from Do Dah Day.

Greg and I always take time to educate people about keeping large tortoises. I am glad that they see sulcata in the adult forms as most people are less likely to run out and buy one. Sort of like seeing a full grown great Dane dog. Being in the presence of a big dog like that helps one to visualize it running amuck in one's house.

Back to Frankie - he weighed 42.2 pounds. I've guess 45 so I was very close. I think he is a sure shot for the Cute Pet Contest. Hope the grand prize isn't a bag of dog food. Useless around here.

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