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September 22, 2010

Houston, We Have A Problem

Greg and I (mostly Greg) has worked tirelessly for the last two weeks preparing and constructing Frankie's new outdoor shelter. During the entire process, Frankie has been right there (more like "underfoot") the entire time. He is never far from the project.

So, last night we got the Rubbermaid structure up enough that Frankie could take a look and walk inside.

Well, last night Frankie chose to sleep up in the wooded area in his Dogloo. I was fine with this. I could hardly wait to see him in the morning and watch his reaction to his new digs.

So, this morning, I go out and check Frankie who is just emerging from his Dogloo. He makes it past the trees and sees the now completed Shelter. What does Frankie do? He stops dead in his traps and has now refused to go to the side of the yard where his new shelter is. Apparently, this new contraption is none other than an new evil nemesis come to eat Frankie alive.

Yep, four hours later and Frankie has not built up the nerve to get near the shelter.

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