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August 26, 2010

A Break in the Weather

Today is the first day in what seems like forever that both Frankie and I are enjoying a wonderful cool morning. The temperature is 73º F and the sun is gentle.

I can't remember last time I opened my back window and just watched the morning. Frankie has joined me by sitting half in his pool half out of his pool just basking in the morning sun. He is just under my window. He has stretched his front legs wide to his side. Every now and again he will dip his nose in the water for a small drink.

With the window open I get to hear what Frankie hears: birds, crickets, trains, wind. How lovely.

Some may argue that tortoises don't express emotion. I disagree. They may have a less complex emotional scale than humans but looking down at Frankie right now I see a sense of peace.

A break from the searing hot summer weather. Finely.

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