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July 23, 2010

Hot Birthday

It is hot outside. It is so hot outside that I break a sweat just looking outside. Alabama has a heat advisory that started at 8:00 a.m. this morning. Of course, this all makes me concerned about Frankie. He did okay yesterday for a half day heat-advisory but a full day concerned me. Since I was working in the gecko room this morning, I thought I would bring Frankie inside.

Frankie was a perfect gentleman about walking directly into the garage and into the gecko room. Quickly I put down wood in front of every terrarium stand so Frankie doesn't push them over, block the bathroom, block under the shelves and block by the side wall. Frankie occupied himself with testing the strength of all the blockades. Eventually he found a Steel Stella substitute in the form of an overturned plastic shoe box and proceeded to practice his sexual prowess as he grunted in pleasure.

I went to work feeding geckos.

Frankie got bored with his new girlfriend after about 30 minutes and started walking around the room again, watched carefully by me. At one point, as he passed in front of me, he paused long enough to urinate all over the floor, and then continued his walk around. "Oh,yeah." I say to Frankie, "I've missed that too."

Frankie's patience for remaining in the gecko room despite a heat index of 105ºF, is zero after two hours. He starts bumping all 75 pounds against the gecko room letting me know he wants outside. Now.

Hopefully cooled down sufficiently to survive the afternoon, Frankie is led outside to the back yard. I return to the house drenched in sweat. I am saving my shower for late this after noon knowing I will be outside several times to check on him and hose him off with cool water.

Peak summer routine resumes.

Big announcement: Happy Birthday to Frankie! Frankie turns 9 years old on Sunday. Check the Frankie cam for activities.

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