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March 21, 2010

Normal but Noteworthy

Apparently there is something as ordinary in Frankie's life -- like the last week or so since the last blog entry. Frankie has been....well like the ordinary Frankie!

While inside, I get the usual Frankie messes. I did get one huge drag-it-ALL-across-the-floor-so- mom-can-follow-the-trail last week: mop up, messy poop, soaked hay, newspaper everywhere, and relocated cricket containers. Not so unusual and not unexpected. While Frankie is inside, my hope is for smaller messes. I can hope!

With volatile changing weather, Frankie did get some really nice days outside. Since none of the days travels far into the '70s temperature wise, Frankie spend a great deal of time cruising the backyard, basking at will, seeking the few new green grass spots to graze and even discovering new dandelions blooming in the yard.

Frankie did get bitterly disappointed for cold or over cast or raining days. Depending on his mood, he will accept not going outside or throw a tantrum and re-arrange the gecko room.

When the opportunity happened, Frankie obediently takes the course from gecko room to backyard without too much prompting. He even by-passed basking by the garage door forcing me to leave the backdoor open. No basking by garage - no back door open - no police visits.

When evening arrived, Frankie obedient walks the path from the back yard, through the garage and into his indoor Dogloo. He's been sleeping from 4:30 pm to 8:00 am and some days sleeping in a little later.

Don't think for one second that Frankie has not grown up to be boring in the least bit. One of the most relaxing activities I have is watching him skulk around the backyard. Someday I am going to get the perfect lounger chair so I can sit back and just enjoy him enjoying his yard. Having some stressful events in my life right now, life calls for a Frankie Watch.

And one more note: I got my payment for the article in Reptiles Magazine. After looking at it for several days debating on how to spend it (all my credit cards are paid off), I decided I will use it to take Frankie for his annual physical and pay for an x-ray to check for bladder stones or any signs of abnormal calcification. This will be his first x-rays.

Just FYI: An annual veterinarian examination for tortoises should include a standard DV x-ray, reptile panel, and fecal float (thanks, Suzi!) . Frankie gets the whole nine-yards.

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