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February 14, 2010

Frankie Loves Rosie

Frankie came up to me Sunday and said, "I haven't got anything yet for Rosie for Valentine's day. What can I get for her to say I love You." (Note to readers: Rosie is a female tortoise owned by Marcus O. )

I said, "How about a Valentine Card?"

So Frankie and I went to the store to look at all the Valentine Cards. He looked and looked and looked.

I said, "What's wrong, Frankie? Can't you find a good card for Rosie?"

"None of the pictures on the card look like me! How will she know the card is from me if my picture isn't on it?"

"Okay, Frankie. How about going home and making your own Valentine card for Rosie?"

Off we went home. I got some pink construction paper and crayons for Frankie to use. I left him for just a moment to get some scissors and glue. When I got back he had eaten the pink construction paper and was about to start on the crayons. I took the crayons away so he couldn't make a homemade Valentine card for Rosie.

"Let's go outside and pick some dandelions for Rosie!"

Frankie was very excited about this idea. We got a basket and went outside. Frankie searched the whole backyard while I searched the front yard. There were only a few dandelions around. We found about eight. But Frankie was very happy.

When we got inside I checked inside Frankie's basket for the eight dandelions.

"Frankie, there are no dandelions in your basket. What happen to them?"

"I ate them."

"Well, that's okay. How about we cut up some carrots for Rosie?" Frankie loved this idea.

So we got some carrots and cut them up into small bite sized pieces. I fetched some pink tissue and a box to put them. When I got back I looked for the carrots.

"Frankie, where are are the carrots we cut up for Rosie."

"I ate them."

"Okay, Frankie. Now what are we going to do for Rosie?"

"Can you just sent my Rosie an e-mail telling her how hard I worked all day to say I love you?"

"Of course, Frankie. I will do that right now."

Dear, Rosie,
Happy Valentines Day.
I love you, Rosie.
This romance stuff is hard work.
Yours Forever.

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