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January 31, 2010

'To Do' List

I really am not into 'to do' lists but somehow they are unavoidable in today's busy world.

Most of the time my weekly 'to do's' are exactly the same as last week so I don't need to write them down. Occasionally lots of other outside events interrupt my daily routine and I can't seem to get organized without some help. List are useful on these occasions.

My husband doesn't like lists much so I keep his 'Honey Do' list to less than 5 items (secretly I keep another 10 'Honey Do' items in the wings). Without his 'Honey Do,' Greg is likely to spend entire weekends tinkering around with his computers and weather station, catching up with his sleep, and watching TV. His 'Honey Do' list keep me from reminding him over and over that things need to be done (he calls this "bossing").

Frankie's 'To Do' list, on the other hand, is redundant, unchanging, and yet completely necessary because he has the brain of a tortoise - selective memory for only the things he wants to remember. Like his name: he remembers his name when I say, "Frankie, you want a carrot?" but cannot remember his name when I say "Frankie, leave the box turtles alone!"

So Frankie's 'To Do' list is short and as far as I am concerned a reasonably easy list to follow. Frankie doesn't think so.

Frankie's Mom-Wants-Me-to-do List
1. Poop on the paper
2. Pee in the igloo
3. Eat all your hay.
4. Stay out from under feet.
5. Leave the box turtles alone
6. Don't re-arrange the gecko room

As far as Frankie is concern, this is his to do list:
Frankie's To Do List (by Frankie)
1. Pick through my hay and eat the chopped lettuce and shredded carrots.
2. Beg for carrots.
3. Make a poop deposit and drag it across the floor
4. Empty the bladder in the middle of the floor
5. Visit Ms Steel Stella (x6)
6. Re-arrange the gecko room

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