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August 1, 2007

Birthday tort out of the dog house

Well, today is Frankie's birthday so we had to take him out of "time out" and celebrate his turning 7 years old.

A neighborhood young lady who is a great friend of Frankie came over this afternoon and helped me prepare a turtle cake. So, what does a turtle cake comprise of? Mashed potatoes (no butter or spices, please) peas, corn and green beans from frozen, carrots for legs and tomato for head. Here is our finished masterpiece:

At this "party" he also received a bag of carrots and four corn on the cobs, all his favorite foods (not to be eaten all at once - these will be served all week long). Frankie loved his cake and had no problem eating everything.

It was a nice Frankie day.

1 comment:

  1. Turtle Birthday Cake!! Love it! and, I'm enjoying reading your blog.

    BoxCzarina, 10 March 2008