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December 27, 2006

Frankie's Trip Out

It is officially winter! Frankie made his first trip to Petsmart because it is too cold to go outside. He was remarkably good in the Prius. He didn't wander around and try to climb over the seats. It’s as if he knew he was going on a trip to somewhere fun.

Of course, people made a fuss over him at the store. There were lots of picture-taking. He walked from the front of the store to the back of the store (where I picked up cat food & litter for our cats) and then back to the cash register. He behaves much better, rarely trying to get under shelves or trying to eat things that are close to the floor. I let a couple of people give him dog treats. A little protein will not hurt him.

On the trip home, he was a little more restless. He wanted to get under something: wanted a nap. He got home and did go directly to his sleeping box for a rest.

For Christmas, he got a fruit salad made of berries, apples and bannans. I don't look forward to the poop in the next week. It will be a bit more runny than normal.

Today, although cold, it is sunny enough to let him go outside for a little while to graze.

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