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October 30, 2006

Sprinting into Fall

For a fair weather state as Alabama should be, we 've had some very cold nights. All turtles came inside. Frankie is back inside for nights and outside if temperatures are above 60 and there is sunlight outside. The box turtles are all inside for the winter. I will not try to put them under ground for the winter. For Mattie, the madagascariensis spider tortoise, she got a new "above carpet" enclosure so that she can be warm and not have to sit on the cold ground.

The box turtles are in a plastic container with straw and are sitting under some great fluorescent lights. They get water every day to every other day (about five times per week) and are fed every other day. Of course, they will not eat vegetables and I will not torture myself this winter trying to force veggies on them. What makes them happy, makes me happy.

Greg continues to make headway on the solar panels. He wired them over the weekend. I whacked myself really good on one them outside. I have this big red "v" on my forehead where I came in contact with the solar rack. At the time, I couldn't decide if I wanted to pass out, throw up or kick the panel. I settled for lots of head-holding and wailing. I can already tell that this will not be the last time I will whack myself on these potentially lethal items. Maybe I should put a safety fence around them -- to protect me.

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