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September 19, 2005

Friends find a sulcata

Over the weekend, a friend called and asked if I would come over and ID a turtle that just walked into her yard - and she lives out in the country - and the turtle was very large! When we arrived we saw that indeed there was a very lovely adult male sulcata. He has obviously been kept in captivity for some time. He is extremely sweet: does not mind being touched at all and likes to be pet. He has been well fed. His shell shows sign of good nutrition.

I have advised my friend to do all the usual things to try to find the owner if in fact he ran away (put out posters, contact vets & police, add him to the lost Alabama pet data base ). I have some suspicious he was abandoned -- if so, the owner's didn't know what a wonderful turtle they let go. Hopefully this is not so. When I went out to see him, he seemed so sad! like he missed his home. It made me want to run home and hug my sulcata.

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